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For SK Balachandder, India is the HOME Country from birth. He loves India for its rich, ancient, and diverse cultural heritage.He was Born in 1957 at Trichy, Tamilnadu & from 1959, has been living in Chennai, India. His 42+ years of journey as a Passionate Photographer started in 1978 when he pursued his master’s Degree in Mathematics. He had a fantastic 25 years of Photography in Film format, learning the nuances through the yesteryear legends and later continued his passion from 2004 till date in Digital format.His Salon Journey started in 1988 and continued up to 1994. He won many awards and acceptances in National and International Salons. His interests later shifted towards Commercial and Wedding Photography. His coverage of 1980 Total Solar Eclipse was published in local Magazines in Chennai. Many of his works in the form of transparencies, Prints and Digital Images were published in the Covers of monthly magazines, in-house magazines, Calendars and Audio Cassettes and Audio CDs. Many of his Photos and transparencies were used by other eminent Photographers for Teaching basic and advanced Photography.He gave Solo Prints Exhibitions in 1990 and 1992. He was awarded AFIP Distinction in 2003 by Federation of Indian Photography. He retired as a Banker by profession in 2017 and continued his passion in Photography more vigorously by participating in National and International Salons again from 2018 till now. In the last three years, apart from awards and acceptances, he acquired many Distinctions like EFIP, AFIAP, Hon. CPE (Romania), GPA.PESGSPC (Cyprus), Hon.PESGSPC (Cyprus), A.APS (Bangladesh), EHPS/Bronze (Greece), GMAPG (Georgia), B.APU (Singapore), Hon. FTR, LLMG (Laureate of LMG), AIIPC, Hon.EFMPA, Hon. ASAP, A.NPS, IIG/p.He has so far participated in over 650 Salons (including Film Era) and accumulated an overall 4000 acceptances+ from 1988 onwards with more than 300 awards to his name till date.He is now a full-time freelance and fine art Photographer as well as a Salon mentor in his Club, The Photographic Society of Madras (1857), Chennai.Since July 2020, 11 members of PSM have acquired AFIP under his mentorship and 10 of them applied for AFIAP this year. His Club has won 25 Best Club awards so far.His main interests in Photography are People, Candid, Photojournalism, Street Photography, Travel, Children, Portrait, Table top, Macro, Nature, Landscape, Monuments, etc.,His award-winning images have been displayed in the following galleries at present. advice to youngsters: "Shoot a lot of pictures. Experiment. Do not go out with preconceptions of what a picture will look like. That will block you from being receptive to something new and exciting." His Motto: " Freeze every moment of LIFE & Enjoy it Image by Image, Frame by Frame".

Works Synopsis

SYNOPSIS OF THE WORKS 01. POOMBARAI KODAIKANAL - Poombarai Village Landscape, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu captured in late evening light.02. VITTALA TEMPLE HAMPI - Vijaya Vittala Temple Hampi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Karnataka with its famous Stone Chariot shrine was captured in the late evening.03. PARADISE OF GOD HAMPI - This Paradise of God-like image of rocks with playful monkeys was captured in the early morning at Matanga Hill, Hampi. 04. RANGOLI KOLAM FESTIVAL CHENNAI - Aerial view of colourful Rangoli Kolam Festival is a part of Mylapore Festival celebrations in January 2019.05. ARUBATHU MOOVAR FESTIVAL2019 CHENNAI - This is a top angle evening backlit image of colourfully decorated Arubathu Moovar saints’ procession in March 2019, where one can see the entire community joyfully participating with the coverage of media. 06. AADIPPERUKKU FESTIVAL CHENNAI - This beautiful image of women with relatives performing harathi pooja at the shores of Marina Beach, Chennai in the evening, as a thanksgiving gesture to the rains on the day of Aadipperukku Festival in August 2019. 07. PANGUNI CAR FESTIVAL MYLAPORE CHENNAI - This mammoth image of Big Car (Chariot) carrying the God Kapaleeswara and Goddess Karpagambal being pulled by flood of devotees with the help of ropes around the streets of Mylapore during the Tamil month of Panguni is a sight to behold.08. BLESSINGS PANGUNI FESTIVAL MYLAPORE - Devotees simultaneously seek the prasadam from the priest to get the blessings of Goddess Karpagambal adorning the Car(Chariot), during the Panguni festival at Mylapore Chennai.09. OFFERING TO GODDESS KULASAI - A very late evening capture of a Kulasai devotee with his tongue pierced, running towards the temple with his family, carrying a pot of fire as offerings to the Goddess of Kulasaipatnam in Tamilnadu.10. 63 SAINTS FESTIVAL MYLAPORE CHENNAI - An one second exposure creative shot of the 63 Saints Festival Mylapore Chennai in March 2019 capturing the mesmerising beauty of the moving procession and the animated crowd with religious chanting, creating a charged atmosphere.11. SANEESWARA DANCE FESTIVAL - A group dance festival image performing on Lord Saneeswara in Chennai in January 2020.12. BLESSINGS OF ACHARYAS TRIPLICANE - Devotees seek the blessings of Acharyas during Triplicane Brahmotsavam Car Festival, Chennai celebrated during February 2021.13. BONDA TRIBAL WOMAN ODISHA PORTRAIT - A close-up portrait study of a Bonda tribal woman in Odisha wearing aluminium neck ornaments and beads chains.14. BONDA TRIBAL WOMAN ODISHA WITH BABY - A Bonda tribal woman taking care of her grandson, an image depicting the living style of Bonda tribes.15. BONDING OF TRIBAL WOMEN - An eternal bonding is reflected in this image of two Bonda tribal women in Odisha captured at the right moment with backlight.

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