Daniel De Cort


About Me

On my walks through cities my eyes are drawn to trivial, commonplacesituations or to remnants of human activities leaving traces in the urban landscape.“ We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice” John BergerSome of these are temporary like a shadow, a puddle or an unaware person. These are my “decisive moments”. Others lead their own life and in their triviality become a kind of work of art . Objects get another function or become a sculpture. There is tension between the figurative and the abstract, styling and realism.I search for beauty in ordinary places and I like to put some humor and ironie in my work.

Works Synopsis

Founded in the 13th century as a religious community for independent women, within the city walls of Leuven (Belgium). Here you will find a network of streets, squares and parks. The houses are in traditional sandstone. In 1998, the Groot Begijnhof, together with 12 other Flemish Beguinages, was recognised as a UNESCO heritage site.Since the restoration by the University, KUL, the beguinage has become a new home for 450 people, including visiting professors and foreign researchers from all over the world.

Exhibition Name

Mediaeval Beguinages, still a lively home


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