Hsiang Hui Sylvester Wong


About Me

I was born in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. I love traveling, enjoy beautiful scenery and experiencing different culture. I start my photography from 2017. Since then, have been travelling with my photographic friend and enjoy every moment of it.In 2020, have been Shorlisted in Landscape - Sony World Photography Awards. In the same year, got my Associateship from Royal Photographic Society, as first successful Distinction by "Drone Photography". Also other distinction Associateship in Federation of Asian Photographic Art (FAPA), Fellowship in Image College Society (ICS) USA, Associateship in Image College Society (ICS) USA. In 2021, achieved my Distiction EPSA, PPSA, BAPU, with PIDC 5*, PTD 5* and PIDM 4*. I have been elected Hon.Fellow SWAN (HON.FSWAN) by SWAN International., USA.

Works Synopsis

I start up my photography as Landscape Photographer, and have been traveling quite extensively in Asia region. Over the year have experienced lots of beautiful Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape, Nightscape and so on.There are many times cross my mind, I, as a Landscape photographer, what kind of Landscape image, I can share to the world from my Home country. Here are the images.Our Home, have very long coastline, very dense forest, very high Mountain, and unpoluted sky. We do have lots of beautiful scene to offer. The Challenge is how we document it and show it to the world audience.Am so proud to share that our HOME, also have beautiful Landscape, seascape, nightscape, and more.

Exhibition Name

Sylvester Wong Hsiang Hui


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