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Lewis Ka Yin ChoiGMPSA/B, EFIAP/g, ESFIAP, GPU CR-4, Hon.FPSHK, FPSHK, FPSEA, FCAPA, FKPS, FHKPA, FPSM, FGPC, FWIEP, FAPU, ARPS, Hon.FHKYMTPA, Hon.FUPHK, Hon.FAVAA, Hon.GMGNG, Hon.APF, Hon.KPS, Hon.CPE, Hon.EHKCC, Hon.EHKSS, Hon.EYMCAPS, Hon.EBLPC, S.E.KPS, SEHKCPAC, EEGPC, EP.PSM, M.APS, GAPU, SEPSS, E.CPE, ES.CPE, PSA Diamond Exhibitor (PIDC)Lewis was born in Hong Kong and educated in Hong Kong, Canada and USA. He has been interested in photography since elementary school. When he studied in United States for his bachelor’s degree, he traveled around with his cameras and Kodachrome films. After his graduation, he came back to Hong Kong, further studied professional photography and joined Kodak Far East in a technical post. Before he left Kodak in 2005, he was the product manager in the Digital & Film Imaging Systems to help Kodak develop the business opportunities on the Internet and digital imaging services. He is currently a chartered / professional engineer in profession. In photographic networks, he is the PSA Membership Vice President, the Vice President of the Photographic Society of Hong Kong, the FIAP Liaison Officer, Hong Kong, the Director of FIAP Photographer's Card Service, and GPU Representative for Hong Kong to support and foster the photography in worldwide.

Works Synopsis

Hong Kong is always considered as a city with full of energy. I am now showing the images from a local Youth Tournament of Rugby Game in Hong Kong. You can see and feel the mixed culture and friendship among the teammates from the images.

Exhibition Name

Lewis Ka Yin CHOI


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