Mahesh Kumar Viswanadha

About Me

I am Mahesh Viswanadha Chairman of Rajkumari Indira Devi Institute of Photography established in 2018. A Software Engineer by profession, Columnist , Writer First Novel Aswathama published in 2018,with a Masters in Computers, Toronto Canada located in Hyderabad, India.Published Kedarnath pictorial book in 2014.I have participated in National and International Salons for more than two year now. Worked as a Press Photographer for a reputed Newspaper in Hyderabad. My Interests are in Still Life, Street Photography, Landscape and Travel Photography.My works have been exhibited in more than 30 countries and has around 1000 acceptances and 70 awards to credit. Conferred 2021 AFIP by Federation of Indian Photography.Conferred 2021 AFIAP by The International Federation of Photographic Art.Member of 1) The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) 2) Federation of Indian Photography (FIP)3) Photographic Society of America (PSA).4) Asia Photographic Union (APU).5) Youth Photographic Society (YPS).Apart from the above, he has won awards in many national and international salons and competitions hosted under the patronage of FIAP, PSA, ICS, GPU, IUP, MOL, FIP, RPS, IAAP, CPE and various other photo clubs.

Works Synopsis

During the Covid-19 period I began to understand the minute aspects of light including its dimensions and essence. It constantly chased me in the gardens, in the trees and compelled me to use my camera to capture some of its magnificent simplicity. There is a magic in the play of light and the objects. That’s how I pottered around the house, picked up pieces, put them together with fruits and flowers, which I enjoyed immensely and realized that this is what I always wanted to do; to bring the intimate details of things around us and they become the simple magnificent “Still Life “. A silent joy and a spring gust out of my heart to the first rays of the sun playing with light and Shadow! The dance of the light in the leaves inspired me to fine tune delicate improvisations with my camera. I opened the window of pure sun on to the objects and captured them as photographs. It’s not a new genre perhaps but for me it was new. It was a new world of happiness of Dream and Poetry. The amount of appreciation I received from my friends was amazing and remarkable. I play the violin therefore I used my violin with fruits and candles and I enjoyed every moment of it. My heart exclaimed this is it this is it. What I am trying to say is Photography is a joy and what I have to share is the moment of joy. Light washed apples, light kissed flowers - my photography is my experience of Life and a hope. It may sound too cheesy or romantic to many people but I invite them to try and step in to the magnificence and simplicity of light in its limitless dimensions. Its greatness is all there for us to witness and rejoice for a lifetime and much more!

Exhibition Name

Light on Still Life


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