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About Me

My name is Dr Marcellian Tan. Born in Malaysia, I’m a medical doctor by profession. In 2008, I embarked on what would become a remarkable personal journey, and one that continues to this day. Roaming the world with my camera bag in hand, I set out to work hard and to learn about photography — always seeking to better capture the untouched beauty and natural serenity of my surroundings. Most of all, I was enraptured with the way that dramatic, natural lighting, particularly at sunrise and sunset, could so deeply enrich a place or a moment — making a beautiful landscape, remarkable. From the rice fields of China, to the beaches of my home country Malaysia, to the barren volcanic lands of Iceland, I will often return to a location many times, watching the weather conditions, searching for the right spot, repeatedly in search of the most dramatic lighting. Along the way, I am always learning, and always striving to improve my images. The world is such an unbelievably beautiful place. It is my hope that the images I have captured will help to heighten your sense of how it important it is to preserve and protect the fragile natural world around us.

Works Synopsis

Sabah the land below the wind is blessed with a diverse landscape of tropical forests, rugged mountains, green flatlands and pristine seas. Mount Kinabalu the highest mountain in Borneo is located in Sabah

Exhibition Name

Sabah Landscape


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