Rania Balachouti


About Me

I am a Greek citizen living in Athens. I took up with photography as a hobby six years ago and since then I have participated in various competitions and exhibitions domestic and abroad. I am always looking for new angles and innovative ways to take my photos. I have learnt to appreciate light in another way. You see the word "photography" comes from the greek words φως (light) and γραφή (drawing). I feel very lucky because I live in Greece, a country with such an incredible light.

Works Synopsis

My pictures were taken in Greece. The places they depict are Meteora with the famous monasteries on the rocks, Hydra, an island near Athens, Crete (Chania), the new bridge in Rio-Antirio, a greek monk in a monastery and scenes from Monastiraki and Zappeio in Athens. The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio is also depicted.My video: https://youtu.be/jMRclgIPs7E

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