Saurabh Sirohiya

About Me

By profession, I am a qualified graphic designer and photography is my passion and now pursuing photojournalism. I travel a lot to different places to shoot scenes of different cultures, rituals, traditions across my country and write a story about it to describe them. I won more than 450 International and national photography awards, and my photographs were published in multiple international and national newspapers and magazines. Been honoured with ​EFIP (India), EFIAP (France), C*MoL (Canada), AAPG (Georgia), MAPS (Bangladesh), ACPE (Romania), ASSP (Sri Lanka), GEAPU (Singapore), BWPAI (India), BEAPF (Singapore), Honorary Fellowship of APG (Georgia), Hon.PESGSPC (Cyprus), GPA.PESGSPC (Cyprus), Honorary Fellowship of APF (India), Honorary Fellowship of BCA (India) and Honorary of CPE (Romania)

Works Synopsis

A laborer works on a salt pan moving and rolling to make a circle / lines of the salt for slow evaporation under the hot sunshine then converting into powdered form with long processing. It can only be processed in hot, dry, and sunny places. After it’s processed and at the end of the day, workers collect and send it to the packaging units for packaging the salt for commercial use from there it goes to neighboring states. The pouring of salt is really a big hard work!

Exhibition Name

Salt Harvesting


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