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About Me

Jakab Tibor is a “complete” photographer. He creates artistic photos since 1988. More then 850 of his photos with around 3500 acceptances have been exhibited at International Art Photography Salons in 50 countries on 5 continents and have been awarded more then 500 medals . He had 55 personal exhibitions in 15 countries and participated at many group exhibitions. The major International Photographic Societies awarded him high International Photographic Honours for his artistic career and services rendered for international art photography. He works also as press photographer for different magazines and newspapers. As freelance photo-journalist contributed more than 1500 of illustrated articles, over 20 years, 1989-Present . More than 100000 photos published. He is also lecturer having photography lectures presented in Romania, Hungary, Germany and South Africa. His works can be found in collections of Museums and private collections. At present he is PhD, assistant professor ( teaching photography, arts and multimedia) at Arts University of Tirgu Mures.Many interviews about art and art photography and portrait films with him have been shown at TV in Romania and abroad. Also more than 50 radio interviews in Romania and abroad.Dr.Tibor JAKAB EFIAP/g, FPSA, MPSA, ASIIPC, Hon.FPSG,Hon.PESGSPS, Hon.FICS, GM ICS, Hon.FWPAIPSA Liason OfficerPSA Country Membership Director- Romaniastr.Slatina nr.3540431 Tirgu Mures ROMANIAtel:0040-744247778email:jakabtibor@hotmail.com

Works Synopsis

The collection shows photos of everyday life and homes of the gypsy community. The photos were taken during some years period, most photos taken on film and some digital. It's just a small part of a huge collection presenting the way of life of gypsies. Despite the hard conditions of life, you can see sometimes smile on the faces.

Exhibition Name

Gypsies life


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