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开始接觸攝影至今己有40年的從事攝影的经验.1986年开始參加第一个国际沙龙至今入選国际沙龙作品有1100百多張. 获奖無數. 其中包括.美国攝影学会.国际影艺联盟. 主办国际沙龙学会颁发金.银.铜牌120面, 优秀勋条等共80多面多国主办專题攝影比赛也获奖無數,2006-2021期间, 受邀担任主办的国际沙龙比赛評選委员, 成功考获世界各国所颁奖的荣衔有.FAPU, FPSM, FAPS, FSPS, FAPAS, FMPC, FSWAN, EFIAP, ARPS, PSA 4 STAR (PPD), EUSPA, EFMPA, MEPSP, MEFIP, AWIEP, ASPM, ATPS, AFIP, AEPSP, BEAPS.Hon.FPSM, Hon.FMPC, Hon.FICS, Hon.FPVS, Hon.EPPSM, Hon.FSCPS, Hon.FPSP, Hon.SPAS, Hon.FPSK

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second homes for these old folks.Every morning disregards the good or bad weather, the old folk residents gather together having their daily chit-chat ,bird watching and drinks. They play card games and sharing news of household affairs. The young go out for works while these old houses are shelter and second homes for these old folks.The Peng Town old teahouse is located at the willow riverside of Chengdu Shuangliu County. It is still well- preserved in Chengdu as a historic site with hundred years of history, with its unique architectural style and aesthetic environment of the local folk custom that recreates the history and culture of Western Sichuan Bazi. At present, it is hard to see a well-preserved old teahouse during Ming and Qing Dynasties in Chengdu. Inside the old tea room where you can find the column and tie construction style, with small lights at the ceiling and broken roof tiles, picturing the mode of history in dark and hulking along with the vicissitudes of time. The winter sun leaked from the impluvium sprinkled on the grey tiger stove. They used to boil the well water from the vat on the stone stove, and after that poured it into the tea cups with tea leaves so it was ready to be served to the guests. The vat was covered with moss and settled on the ground with potholes, which Chinese people used to call ‘thousand feet muds’. The bamboo chair and wooden table which had been worn, however, are still being preserved in good condition until the present. These witnessed the glory and uniqueness of the old times, the past and gone Cultural Revolution era.

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