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Name: Yeokkian Jenn KohMPSA, MVPSA, GWP.ICS, HON.CPE, A.CPE, A.ICS, SE.PSBP, ME.PSBP,EP.PSBP, HON.FICS, HON.F.HKNPS, HON.WPG, HON.ICS/PSBP, HON.EICS, HON.EUSPA, HON.EICS/PSBP, ME.PSP, E.FMPA, A.SWAN, F.SWAN, F.ICSCountry: MalaysiaFor the love of photography, Jenn Koh completed 3 months course of digital and basic photography organized by Photo-Art Society Batu Pahat end of year 2015. Jenn was elected as Treasurer Of Photo-Art Society Batu Pahat (PSBP) in 2020 and Vice Secretary of Photographic Society Of Kluang in 2021 till today.In March 2017, upon the encouragement of her photographic teacher, Jenn ventured into international salon of photography. At the end of 2017, Qualified in the Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) Proficiency (PPSA) achievement.In 2018, Qualified in the Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) as EXCELLENCE (EPSA) and MASTER PSA (MPSA) distinction. Jenn has been served as a judge for National Photography Competition since 2020 and this year, she has also been invited to become the Jury for International Exhibitions.Photography really has given Jenn tremendous fun and personal satisfaction. It is also a great way for her to relieve her stress from daily works.Initially, Jenn’s journey in photography began with macro photography. She particularly loves photography insects.She is also interested in other photography genres such as landscape, minimalism, travel, and street photography nowadays.Jenn always trying to photograph anything and everything if she thinks it could make an interesting image or it has a story that attracts her.

Works Synopsis

The Asilidae are the robber fly family, also called assassin flies. In general, the family attacks a very wide range of prey, including flies, beetles, butterflies, moths, various bees, ants, dragon and damselflies, ichneumon wasps, grasshoppers, and some spiders. This is one of the varieties in the Robber fly family. The body is small about an inch with brownish black color. This particularly species is difficult to photograph. They are very aggressive, generalist hunters which often appearing in plain grass. When they catch their prey, they will inject toxic which is digestive liquid into the prey to paralyze the prey from the inside and this time is the best opportunity to shoot. While photograph this species, I have to be very careful not to let them feel alarmed, otherwise, they will be frightened and usually discard the food in its mouth.Robber flies exhibit minimal courtship behavior. Instead, the male pounces on the female much like an act of prey acquisition. Copulation is accomplished in a tail-to-tail fashion with the male and female genital interlocked. Flight is not completely inhibited during mating. I am delighted I got these imagines because for five years I have been photograph Robber fly, only at this time I am able to shoot their reproduction act of this species.

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Yeokkian Jenn Koh


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