Yew Kwok Phoon

About Me

I have been a photo enthusiast for many years, having a lot of fun shooting anything I set my sight on. I am most of all a "street-shooter", preferring to capture images of places and people in a spontaneous way, knowing that the scene will never be repeated. Such a good shot captured will keep me smiling for a long time. Photography has been a joy.

Works Synopsis

This photo collection captures the action during the repainting project at the estate where my Home is. Many of these photos are shot from the balcony of my home. The focus is on the "spiderman" painters who are fine craftmen dangling their lives on two ropes at great heights whenever they work. These photos are a tribute to all the "spiderman" painters. They risk their lives daily to reinstate the beautiful looks of our home!

Exhibition Name

Home Improvement


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