Barbara, Schmidt

( Germany )

About Me

Barbara Schmidt is born and living in Germany. She graduated in administrative sciences and since she retired as a civil servant, she is on the road with her Fuji XT 2. She learned all by try and error, with lot of love. The motifs are varied, because everything that arouses their interest is photographed! She doesn’t go out with the intention of bringing a certain picture with her, but goes to places, where she wants to be and expects what may come there. This brings special and very successfully images. Since the 1st acceptance 21.03.2016 at German International DVF-Photocup more than 5000 acceptances with over 500 awards have been given.
Photographic focal points: Architecture, Landscape, Long exposure, People, Nature, Travel, Street

Works Synopsis

Architecture is Barbara’s passion. In the underground you can find particularly excitingly designed rooms. Colours and shapes, in a special light. At night it becomes quieter in the stations and it is also possible to take pictures without people. Or long exposures, which make other effects possible. It is always a new world that wants to be discovered.

Exhibition Name

Underground architecture