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To me,photography is not simply a profession,nor does it mean manufacturing photographs..It is all about creating them..When it comes to creation,heart has a role to play..I had a vision the day I decided to take photography as a medium to express myself through..It was not the dazzle of glamour photography,nor was it the lure of money from commercial product shoots,that triggered my passion for this career. Instead,what I used to get intrigued by, was "Life On Street" and “Rural India”..!! Indian street photography has made a niche for itself by virtue of mesmerizing variety of subjects right from slum dwellers ,their children, their life, their activities, child labourers, entire families residing on streets, alms beggars, prostitutes and shopkeepers to over-crowded public transports, rickshaw-pullers, cycle riders and what not.. Mostly..I happen to pick up my subjects while rambling on squalid streets of Kolkata with my camera slung around my neck in quest of answers to questions I have long been nurturing in me.. I see people born on streets of Kolkata..I see their childhood. I see them playing on street. I see them craving for food on street. I see them wreathing in pain on street. I see them growing up and getting married on street. I see them giving birth on street. I see them dying of diseases on street too. I try to capture moments of their lives only to know if they are really different from us,if they are not part of our society,if it is only the poverty that they are neglected for,if it is the same joy they feel as we do,or if it is the same sorrow they experience as we do.. These questions always keep me restless. Perhaps,this is the reason why my photographs speak about stories of their life.. And believe me,they are as exciting as ours..!! I stay focussed on my vision from the day I picked up my camera for serious photography..I always make sure that my photographs are not only visual treats to human eyes, they must also render them empathetic towards my subjects..

Works Synopsis

Its an unconditional love of a mother for her child and the happiness which can be also bright-up in the darkness also..


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