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Ali AL-Qamish Writer and cultural journalist «Secretary of the Bahrain Photography Society» Began his experience in the world of photography through documentary photography of the life of the family and people, participated in a number of specialized exhibitions in conceptual art with artist Anas Al-Shaikh(photography), an art that shares the concepts and ideas beyond the ordinary photograph.

Works Synopsis

Fantasia is a traditional exhibition of horsemanship in the Maghreb performed during cultural festivals. The performance consists of a group of horse riders, all wearing traditional clothes, who charge along a straight path at the same speed so as to form a line, and then at the end of the charge (about two hundred meters) fire into the sky using old muskets or muzzle-loading rifles. The difficulty of the performance is in synchronizing the movement of the horses during acceleration of the charge, and especially in firing the guns simultaneously so that one single shot is heard.[2] The horses were bred from the Arabian and Barb breeds or a mixture of the two.


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