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It was an exciting two weeks of Asia Photo Festival as the photographers showcase their works and invited as many of their friends to visit their galleries as they could find. The gallery pages received the most number of unique pageviews based on unique visitor. Every visitor is considered as one count and not by the number of times the visitor return to click. We are pleased to annouce the list below which shows the top 40 most visited galleries based on Analytics Unique Pageviews. They show the spirit of "Ren Qi", 人气, which means popularity. It is not easy feat to get so many people to visit one's gallery, especially the last few hours when we saw the sudden surge in viewership. Let us applaud them.
PositionMost visited Photographer GalleryUnique Pageviews
1Ahmed Mohamed Hassan2387
2Chun Cheng Kuo1485
3Lung Tsai Wang1246
4Orhan Kartal1198
5Trina Sanyal1176
6Sefa Ulukan1169
7Vinaya Mathews1164
8Derya Yazar1150
9Ag Gangadhar1065
10Fedai Coskun1053
11Anirban Ash840
12Cindy Chia787
13Aleksander Cufar746
14Dewi Tandjung738
15Hanife Deveci640
16Kyaw Thusan628
17Siew Thong Chu610
18Hulki Muradi602
19Barath Karthi R K596
20Peter Gedeon590
21Hong Sang Harry Woo558
22Necdet Yasar552
23Nang Lou548
24Lek Kah Meng541
25Mainak Dey532
26Jenn Koh Yeok Kian531
27Elmas Cumcu527
28Prasenjit Basu520
29Filiz Koprulu506
30Joseph Shane501
31Husna Khot488
32Bandu Gunaratne486
33Barbara Schmidt480
34Zin Lin Htike472
35Ye Win Nyunt471
36Min Tan465
37Nesrin Ates457
38Ibrahim M Iqbal443
39Ramazan Unver Kaya433
40Vivek Kalla420
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